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Jackson, New Hampshire

Jackson, NH covered bridge
Stream in winter

Jackson is located in northern New Hampshire close to the border of Maine, within the White Mountain region. The town is quaintly located among the highest land north of the Mississippi. It is home to Wild Cat River that rushes over the rocks of the Jackson Falls through the center of town. The mountains in this region were often mistaken for clouds for their mass and the white snow that adorns them. It was written “Almost everything in nature, which can be supposed capable of inspiring ideas of the sublime and beautiful is here realized. Old mountains, stupendous elevation, rolling clouds, impending rocks verdant wood, crystal streams, the gentle rill, the roaring torrent, all inspire to amaze, sooth and enrapture.”

This charming hamlet was founded in 1778 by Jackson Coop and his family. They resided alone in what would become Jackson before five other families settled here seven years later. Among those families would be Daniel Pinkham, who was ten at the time of and would eventually grow to build the first road through Jackson appropriately named “Pinkham Road”, and the Meserve family who also have a road named after them. The original name of the town was Madbury, but was changed to Adams, to honor United States President John Adams. Once the town was incorporated in 1829 an influential financial supporter of Andrew Jackson approached the town for a vote to change the name yet again. The vote was cast and with only one “Nay”, Jackson, New Hampshire had found its name.


Jackson became a destination for artists and writers with it’s beautiful mountains and majestic landscape, and for the calm seclusion for curious travelers who wanted to witness the spectacular sights they had only read about by previous visitors. With the country creating a new form of travel, the railway was soon built close to Jackson. This gave access to new visitors, creating a cradle for new infrastructure. By the 1920’s, 40 trains a day delivered new guests to Jackson making it one of the most influential periods of the town’s history.


Gazebo in winter


Through decades of community growth Jackson is a classic destination for those seeking unfettered natural beauty, quaint charm, and majestic experiences. It has created the ideal example of the American dream. With small local entrepreneurs, the community offers candy shops, breweries and restaurants. A charming walk through our downtown is the quintessential way to experience this sleepy hollow.


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